Acho Kagurazaka

Located 5 minutes on foot from UNPLN Kagurazaka. Custard pudding is a popular dessert in Japan with magazines and TV programs dedicated to introducing popular pudding shops throughout the country. Acho is Kagurazaka’s claim to fame in this category and their puddings makes for a great afternoon dessert. 

*Reason for recommendation

If you are looking for Japanese sweets, we highly recommended you to go Acho Kagurazaka. Three o’clock, referred to as "Oyatsu no Jikan", literally translates to "snack time" in Japanese. Children will run home everyday after school looking forward to the day's "oyatsu" (snack) that their parents prepared. Custard pudding is a popular sweet to serve as a snack and has a really creamy taste. In addition to Acho Kagurazaka's 9 flavors of custard pudding, including season and liqueur puddings, that also have various other baked sweets. Our favorite is their "Vanilla King", which is made using egg yolks and has a rich flavor.

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