Located about 7 minutes on foot from UNPLAN Kagurazaka. Baikatei is a very popular Japanese confectionary shop and on weekends it’s always full of people. It’s famous for its lemon daifuku (lemon flavoured rice cake filled with red bean paste) and ayu tempura monaka (a confection shaped like an ayu, a type of river fish).

*Reason for recommendation

Wagashi (Japanese confections) have been well loved throughout the ages. These are something that you cannot miss if you are in Japan. Baikatei offers traditional and authentic wagashi made by a chef and are a wonderful sight to behold. Baikatei’s wagashi are made with all-organic, domestic ingredients which have just the perfect level of sweetness. Don’t miss out to enjoy their wagashi with not just your tongue, but with your eyes as well!

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