Chunshuitang Iidabashi Sakura Terrace Store

Chunshuitang Iidabashi Sakura Terrace Store

Located about a 20-minute walk from UNPLAN Kagurazaka. Chunshuitang is one of the most popular tapioca shops in Tokyo. It originates from Taiwan and has been making bubble tea since the 1980s. All drinks are prepared by a qualified “tea master” and flavoured with the chain’s in-house, no-additive syrup. Our favorite is the regular tapioca (¥500) which tastes sweet but the strong tea flavor can be easily recognized.

Note: Chunshuitang still draws massive lines of people even waiting for over an hour to order.

*Reason for recommendation

If you are tapioca-lover, Chunshuitang is something that you cannot miss. Bubble tea has been really popular in Japan these days and there are a lot of shops in Tokyo. Chunshuitang is known as one of the founding producers of bubble tea. While other shops allow you to customize the sweetness and amount of ice, Chunshuitang asks that you trust them to do your tea right and let them handle the selection! We can assure you that you'll enjoy their original tea flavor at its best.

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