Located about 7 minutes on foot from UNPLAN Kagurazaka. While Kameido serves various Japanese-style baked goods, they are best known for their “cream pan”, a sweet bun filled with warm custard cream. Their popularity goes so far that people often order them in advance and buy dozens at a time. Open from 8am, they are a great option for breakfast as well as an afternoon snack.

*Reason for recommendation

Kameido is the best bakery for those who woke up just a bit too late for breakfast. Our favorite is, of course, their “cream pan” which is a fluffy bun filled with heavy custard cream. In addition to their large selection of breads, there are also cakes and other baked sweets served as well. They often sell out well before closing time, so we recommend you head over around noon or so just to be safe!

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