Located about a 10-minute walk from UNPLAN Kagurazaka. Kurumi specializes in “okonomiyaki”, which is often described as a Japanese style savoury pancake, and more specifically Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, where cabbage, meat, noodles, and batter are cooked in layers and topped with a sauce and other toppings. The okonomiyaki is cooked right in front of you and makes for an interesting visual experience as well.

*Reason for recommendation

A small family-run restaurant with 12 counter seats and 3 small tables where you can eat authentic Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, or "Hiroshima-yaki", in Tokyo. They serve 3 types of Hiroshima-yaki during lunchtime (pork, beef, or soft-boiled egg). Soba (buckwheat) or udon noodles are available as a topping. with these. It’s so fun to see them cook Hiroshima-yaki with a practiced hand on the iron plate in front of the counter! Teppan-yaki (food grilled on an iron plate) and a variety of alcohol are available for dinner. ※What is Hiroshima-yaki? Have you ever heard one of the most famous Japanese dishes, okonomiyaki? Originating in Osaka prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan, okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients such as meat, shredded cabbage, and cheese, in a wheat-flour-based batter. Hiroshima-yaki is variation of this dish coming from Hiroshima prefecture in the Chugoku region, but its recipe is different from the traditional Osaka style. While all the ingredients are mixed first then everything is fried at the same time for okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-yaki on the other hand fries the pancake base first and then the remaining ingredients and toppings are fried separately. Also, unlike okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-yaki is not topped with mayonnaise. Finally, if you really want to try the authentic way of eating Hiroshima-yaki, do not use a plate and chopsticks but instead eat it directly from the iron plate using a smal lmetal spatula!

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