Ayam-Ya Okachimachi

Located about a 25-minute walk from hostel DEN. Ayam-Ya Okachimachi is a halal certified ramen shop a short walk away from Okachimachi Station. Having true Japanese ramen is something that you can’t miss if you are in Japan, but there are few places serving halal ramen in Tokyo. Definitely worth the trip!

*Reason for recommendation

For those who are looking for halal ramen shop, Ayam-Ya Okachimachi is the perfect restaurant for you! Their popular dish is “Tori Paitan Ramen” (Rich Chicken broth) which has a really simple but delicious taste. The soup is made from long hours spent boiling the chicken to perfection. Ayam-Ya adds vegetables to bring out the umami flavor of the chicken which mixes well together with the sweetness from the vegetables.

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