Encounter UNPLAN [Lunch]

Encounter UNPLAN [Lunch]

Encounter by UNPLAN offers you western style meals from 12:00-15:00 (L.O. 15:00). Our favorite is  the“Homemade Curry” (¥980 tax included) which is Japanese style curry with salad, roast potatoes and rice on the side. For an extra 100 yen our staff can make larger portions as well.

Note: Please let the staff know if you have dietary restrictions/allergies so our chef can cook something special for you!

*Reason for recommendation

In addition to the regular lunch plates, various finger foods, dessert, and drinks (both soft drink and alcohol) are available. How about having lunch at Encounter by UNPLAN when you arrive here before check-in time or you don’t feel like going out? We will always welcome you!

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