Shinjuku Niboshi Golden-gai Honkan

Ramen Nagi Shinjuku Niboshi Golden-gai Honkan

Located about 15 minutes on foot from UNPLAN Shinjuku. Their speciality is spicy “Niboshi Ramen” which is made by boiling large amounts of dried sardines for 12 hours to produce a distinctive flavor. Our favorite is the “Tokusei Niboshi Ramen” as it comes with pork, menma (seasoned bamboo shoots), scallions, seaweed and a boiled egg.

*Reason for recommendation

The strong smell hits you as soon as you walk in the door. The above picture is the regular "Niboshi Ramen" which has really rich and strong flavor. If you want to have something different, they offer you alternative options such as tsukemen and shio(salt) ramen. Nagi is open 24 hours every day, so why don’t you start and end a heavy night out with their delicious ramen?

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